New P2E game with tradeable NFT Lands, where you will rule and improve your own Planet's land.

The whole territory is divided by hexagons. You need to destroy them to gather useful resources.Spend the resources to construct new buildings on the cleared hexagons.
Upgrade your tools and weapons to gather the resources faster.

Each NFT land is unique. You will need to explore and develop your land. Try to find the most useful and rare items!
Play and Earn
Enjoy playing the game and earn money at the same time! There are two ways to get the cryptocurrency.

Firstly, you can trade gold to it. You need to get gold and deliver it to the General Building that is at the center of each Land. This building will transform Gold to the Cryptocurrency.

Secondly, you can execute game tasks such as “Clear your first Hexagon” or “Make your first upgrade”. All tasks are quite simple at the beginning, but they will be more difficult in the future.
After you get enough currency, transfer it to your wallet on the website.

There will be 5 islands to choose from. Each one has around 12.500 NFT Lands!
Each NFT Land has unique characteristics, including Tier Level, Type, Rare Objects (such as artifacts, caves), Rare Resources, Expanding Bonus.
After buying a Land you need to develop it and expand it. After it is fully expanded you will start earning in-game currency. The more lands you buy, the more will be your daily earning!

There will be different events on the islands! Each month there will appear Obelisks with different types and tier in different places of an island. All the NFT owners who have lands near an Obelisk are going to earn much more Currency!
Islands may change too in future. This world is full of unexpected phenomena!